6900S AC Power Source

A Simple AC Power Source, Valuable in Performance

A Genuine Power Source

The 6900S AC Series offers a cleaner and more reliable power source to confidently test your product designs. Industry applications include home electronic appliances, adapter components, LEDs, and even laboratory testing.

Simple One-Click Adjustable Function

A simple and user-friendly interface with intuitive push button operation maximizes efficiency for workers on the floor.

Settings That Can Be Memorized

Three built-in memory settings allow faster memory recall for various testing parameters, optimizing ease of operation.

Increased Longevity and Reliability

Superb cooling function with two dual-ball bearing fans dissipates excess heat quickly, maintaining reliable performance for long operational periods.

High Loading Capacity

The 6900S series offers several high-load capacity capabilities — crest factor greater than 3, inrush current greater than 4, and Over Current Fold functionality (OCF) — to ensure your products can be tested thoroughly without added investment.

Controllable Tests

Real-time frequency adjustment from 40Hz to 450Hz and a range of voltage settings up to 310V meets the rigorous demands of a wide variety of deployments, including network servers used in testing and engineering simulations.

6900S AC Power Lineup

The 6900S series includes a variety of power rating models ranging from 500VA ~ 5kVA, allowing businesses to match the ideal model to their needs and environment.

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