EEC (Extech Electronics Co., Ltd.) is invited to join UL STP (Standard Technical Panel), actively participating in the UL standard defining and revision.


While Ikonix (EEC’s parent company) has joined IEC Committee for a long time, EEC is honored to accept UL STP (Standard Technical Panel) invitation and become the FIRST testing equipment corp in Asia who joins it. Through offering the professional knowledge and application info about safety regulation test, participating in the UL standard defining and revision, assisting the industry development, and providing or developing equipment needed; EEC expects to satisfy the UL standard test and to offer customers with seamless safety regulation solution.

Before UL releases official North American standards, all requirements shall be thoroughly reviewed by STP (Standard Technical Panel), which is consisted of the manufacturers, government, consumers’ org, test-equipment vendors, and national safety department. Members from different fields raise suggestions and discuss about the UL standard for field development with their professional knowledge and experiences; every team member holds the key vote to publish standards, so as to ensure UL standards fit the requirements from different industries.