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7300 Series AC Ground Bond Tester

7300 Series AC Ground Bond Tester

Provided with concise and easy-to-understand interface, allowing users to learn how to do it right easily; provided with oversized 128 x 64 LCD to display the test results with higher data-interpretation efficiency; grounding impedance test items conforming to the test standards required by international certification institutions, such as IEC, UL, CSA, and TUV.


  • Connect to 7100 series withstand-voltage / insulation tester to execute withstand-voltage test and grounding test simultaneously and thus shortens the test duration.
  • Automatically checking off test line impedance (Auto Offset) to ensure the accuracy of test results.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • Key lock function is provided to protect memory data and avoid the damages caused by users hitting the keyboard inadvertently.


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7305 AC Ground Bond Tester ( 30A/6V)
7314 AC Ground Bond Tester ( 40A/8V)
7315 AC Ground Bond Tester ( 30A/6V)
7316 AC Ground Bond Tester ( 60A/12V)


Opt.748 7314 Rear Panel Output
1102 Hipot Return Lead, 1.8m.
1103 Ground Bond Test Lead (30A) , 1.5m.
1104 Ground Bond Return Lead (30A), 1.5m.
1106 Ground Bond Link Lead (30A), 1.5m.
1107 Ground Bond Return Lead (30A), 1.5m.
1122 Ground Bond Return Lead (30A), 1.6m.
1125 Hipot/Ground Bond Signal Control Link Cable, 1.5m.
1131 Ground Bond Test Lead (30A), 1.6m.
1137 Ground Bond Test Lead (40A), 1.6m.
1138 Ground Bond Return Lead (40A), 1.6m.
1145 Hipot Return Lead w/Magnet, 1.8m.
1146 Ground Bond Return Lead 30A w/Magnet, 1.5m.
1147 Ground Bond Return Lead 40A w/Magnet, 1.6m.
1160 Ground Bond Test Lead (60A), 1.65m
1161 Ground Bond Return Lead (60A) , 1.65m
1202 Hipot & Ground Bond Link lead, 60cm
1218 Hipot / Ground Bond Signal Control Link Cable (White), 40cm.
1304 Ground Bnd Probe 4W w/Lemo & Switch 30A.
1317 Ground Bond Probe with Kelvin Lead & Switch 40A
1505 Interlock Disable Key
1928 Remote Test / Reset Control Box, 3m.
1929 Remote Test / Reset Control Box (with LED Display), 3m.
1933 Daily Check Box
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