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ESD Series DC Ground Bond Tester

ESD Series DC Ground Bond Tester

DC output as high as 40A with resistance value 150mΩ; provided with oversized 128 x 64 LCD to display the test results with higher data-interpretation efficiency; connected to 7100 series withstand-voltage / insulation tester to serve as a 4-in-1 test system to shorten the test duration and improve test efficiency.


  • DC Ground Bond, conforming to the requirements prescribed for the safety certification of IEC 61851 - Electric vehicle conductive charging system and UL 1703 – planar-type solar cell components.
  • Automatically checking off test line impedance (Auto Offset) to ensure the accuracy of test results.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with built-in PLC Remote programmable control interface for connection to other system or equipment for control.


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ESD-140 ESD-140 DC Ground Bond Tester (40A / 8V)


Opt.781 RS232 Interface
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