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ESA Series

ESA Series

The first 7-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer with color graphical TFT LCD of the world
Provided with AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Ground Bond, Insulation Resistance, Touch Current, Functional Run test, and AC power sources; one device serving the purposes of 7 devices; less space needed for the test; provided with oversized 7-inch TFT-LCD (resolution 800 x 400) to enhance readability and identifiableness of data; automatically detecting input voltage 115V or 230V to protect instrument from the damages caused by wrong input voltage; colored and graphic data allowing users to learn how to do it right and thus shortens the learning process; built-in scanner function (External H.V.) enhancing test efficiency.



  • Provided with patented Discharge DC high-voltage fast discharge device (M279103) to protect personnel from the electric shock resulted from the residual voltage remaining on the DUT.
  • Patented Smart GFI patented smart high voltage electric shock circuit (Pat. 169000) can detect loops at any time to eliminate electrical shock and protect the safety of personnel.
  • Patented Ramp High function (Pat. 100859) shortens ramp up time, saves test time, and improves test efficiency.
  • Patented Charge Low function (Pat. 106128) can detect a circuit break thereby improves test reliability.
  • The voltages on both ends of simulated human body impedance (MD) are displayed when touch current is being measured, conforming to the requirements prescribed in IEC 60990 regarding touch current.
  • Provided with touch current to measure AC/DC/AC+DC in conformity to the requirements prescribed in IEC 60601 regarding medical equipment.
  • Touch Current test has a measurement bandwidth DC - 1MHz in conformity to the requirements prescribed in IEC60990 regarding touch current.
  • Executing (dynamic) Hot Hipot test in conformity to the requirements prescribed for IEC 60335-1 standard.
  • Provided with a highly efficient DualCHEK function, allowing users to execute grounding test and withstand-voltage test simultaneously to shorten test duration and improve test efficiency.
  • Provided with 4 levels of permission setting; all test parameters not to be revised without permission to ensure the truthfulness of test results.
  • MD is provided with BNC measuring-terminal to be connected to oscilloscope or voltmeter, allowing users to read voltage values and calibrate MD easily.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • During the test duration, the maximum leakage current (Imax) is stored in the test results in conformity to customers’ requirements for quality.
  • Users are allowed to create their favorites and My Menu to improve efficiency.
  • Multi-language (English / traditional Chinese / simplified Chinese) interface is provided to facilitate global distribution.


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ESA-140 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer
ESA-150 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer (500VA)


Opt.731 GPIB Interface
Opt.736 Scanner 8W+8G
Opt.758 Ethernet Card
Opt.763 USB & RS232 PC Control Card
Opt.767 Run Test
Opt.768 Run Test + TCT
Opt.769 Run Test + TCT+ AC Source
Opt.770 Output 400/800Hz for ACW
Opt.771 External HV (P-G/S-G/P-S)
Opt.772 AC, DC, AC+DC measurement for TCT
Opt.773 Power Control
Opt.774 Cold Resistance
Opt.775 PLC 15 Memory
Opt.776 PLC 31 Memory
Opt.785 Connection Kit for ESA link with 7630
Opt.787 Connection Kit for ESA link with 6600
Opt.790 IR output 6000V
Opt.794 Scanner 8W+8G
Opt.795 Wifi Adapter
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