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SE Series

SE Series

The first capacitive touch screen tester of the world; Insulation Resistance 6KV/50GΩ and Ground Bond as high as 32A; provided with 4.3-inch multi-touch panel, easy to control; panel provided with keyboard shortcut function, allowing users to activate test mode even if they put on high-voltage gloves; dual-core technology ensuring smooth operation and accurate test, provided with switching power supply to improve loss efficiency; provided protection to the instrument in any cases of city power supply feedback; automatically detecting input voltage 115V or 230V to protect instrument from the damages caused by wrong input voltage.



  • DC Hipot test is provided with the patented Discharge DC high-voltage fast discharge device to protect personnel from the electric shock resulted from the residual voltage remaining on the DUT.
  • Patented Smart GFI patented smart high voltage electric shock circuit (Pat. 169000) can detect loops at any time to eliminate electrical shock and protect the safety of personnel.
  • Patented Ramp High function (Pat. 100859) shortens ramp up time, saves test time, and improves test efficiency.
  • Patented Charge Low function (Pat. 106128) can detect a circuit break thereby improves test reliability.
  • Provided with 4 levels of permission setting; all test parameters not to be revised without permission to ensure the truthfulness of test results.
  • Users are allowed to create their favorites and My Menu to improve efficiency.
  • Provided with USB interface to reproduce the setting parameters and output the test results quickly.
  • Provided with Barcode interface, allowing users to execute scan test and carry over the DUT’s parameters automatically within shorter test duration without connecting to computer.
  • Multi-language (English / traditional Chinese / simplified Chinese) interface is provided to facilitate global distribution.
  • Users are allowed to define test procedures on their own, conforming to all kinds of requirements prescribed for tests.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • Compact, height only 2U (8.9cm) to save the space needed for the test.

      1. USB Disk:
        a. Support: ADATA、Apotop、Ridata、SanDisk、Team
        b. Interface: USB 2.0
        c. Capacity constraints: ≤16GB
        d. Format: FAT 16 or FAT 32
      2. Barcode: Support CINO-F680


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SE 7410 Electrical Safety Analyzer (ACW, DCW, IR)
SE 7430 Electrical Safety Analyzer (ACW, DCW, IR)
SE 7440 Electrical Safety Analyzer (ACW, DCW, IR, GB)
SE 7441 Electrical Safety Analyzer with 8 Channels Scanner (ACW, DCW, IR, GB)


Opt.7001 Modify to 7400 Memory/Step Format
Opt.7002 DC Continuity Test Function for SE 7410 & SE 7430
Opt.7003 Built-in Scanner 4W for SE 7410 & SE 7430
Opt.7004 Built-in Scanner 8W for SE 7410 & SE 7430
Opt.7005 Built-in Scanner 4W + 4 Cont. for SE 7410 & SE 7430
Opt.7006 Built-in Scanner 8W + 8 Cont. for SE 7410 & SE 7430
Opt.7007 Output Continuous During Step Link
Opt.7009 JigA / JigB for SE 7410, SE 7430, SE 7440
Opt.7012 JigA / JigB for SE 7441
Opt.731 GPIB Interface
Opt.758 Ethernet Card
Opt.763 USB & RS232 PC Control Card
Opt.796 6KV AC Output
Opt.797 7.5KV DC Output
Opt.799 GB Output 40A for SE 7440 & SE 7441
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