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7100 Series Hipot / Insulation Tester

7100 Series Hipot / Insulation Tester

Provided with oversized 128 x 64 LCD to display the test results with higher data-interpretation efficiency; compact; light (10kg); outstanding price-performance ratio; suitable for high-voltage quick test; 7100 series allowing simultaneous multi-connection test; provided with remote control function (RS-485 or PLC remote control interface) to facilitate automation test and improve production efficiency.



  • DC Hipot test is provided with the patented Discharge DC high-voltage fast discharge device to protect personnel from the electric shock resulted from the residual voltage remaining on the DUT.
  • Patented Smart GFI patented smart high voltage electric shock circuit (Pat. 169000) can detect loops at any time to eliminate electrical shock and protect the safety of personnel.
  • Can control up to 100 connections and provide simultaneous output for speedy tests.
  • With 7314 Ground Resistance Tester, Withstanding and Ground Bond test can be conducted simultaneously while reducing test time.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • Key lock function is provided to protect memory data and avoid the damages caused by users hitting the keyboard inadvertently.


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7130 AC Withstand VoltageTester
7132 AC Withstand Voltage / Insulation Resistance Tester
7140 AC/DC Withstand Voltage Tester
7142 AC/DC Withstand Voltage / Insulation Resistance Tester


Opt.723 RS485 Interface Card
1101 Hipot Test Lead, 1.5m.
1102 Hipot Return Lead, 1.8m.
1105 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1108 Hipot Return Lead, 1.8m.
1109 Hipot Output Link Lead, 1.5m.
1123 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1145 Hipot Return Lead w/Magnet, 1.8m.
1202 Hipot & Ground Bond Link lead, 60cm
1217 Hipot/Ground Bond Signal Control Link Cable (Gray), 40cm.
1219 Signal Control Link Cable, 70cm.
1302 Hipot Test Probe, 1.5m Rod type with Lead.
1306 Hipot Test Probe, 1.5m Rod-type with Lead
1316 Hipot Test Gun
1505 Interlock Disable Key
1712 Hipot / IR Test Lead Assembly, 1.5m.
1917 Hipot / IR Test Box with Test Lead, 1.5m.
1928 Remote Test / Reset Control Box, 3m.
1929 Remote Test / Reset Control Box (with LED Display), 3m.
1933 Daily Check Box
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