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8200 Series Insulation Resistance Tester

8200 Series Insulation Resistance Tester

Digital-type design; easy to use; insulation resistance voltage output 30V-1000V; standard resistance measurement 50GΩ, highest 200GΩ, allowing test to be executed with insulation resistance’s minimum limit feature function to ensure product quality conforming to safety requirements.


  • Patented Smart GFI patented smart high voltage electric shock circuit (Pat. 169000) can detect loops at any time to eliminate electrical shock and protect the safety of personnel.
  • Provided with built-in PLC Remote programmable control interface for connection to other system or equipment for control.


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8205 Insulation Resistance Tester (50GΩ)
8210 Insulation Resistance Tester (200GΩ)


1101 Hipot Test Lead, 1.5m.
1109 Hipot Output Link Lead, 1.5m.
1123 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1140 BNC Connector Return Test Lead, 1.15m.
1505 Interlock Disable Key
1928 Remote Test / Reset Control Box, 3m.
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