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7006 Matrix Scanner

7006 Matrix Scanner

Modular design; flexible combination; Hipot / Insulation Resistance or Ground Bond test and multi-connection output channel test; suitable for the multi-point test for a single DUT (e.g. transformer, PCB board, terminal block, power cord, etc.) with higher test efficiency.


  • Mainframe connects to 4 vice-frames simultaneously to serve as a system comprising 80 output channels. Systems can be stacked in series to provide hundreds of channels, thus improving test efficiency. Provides GPIB or USB & RS232 interface and performs automated testing in improving test efficiency.


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7006 Matrix Scanner


Opt.743 8 Withstand Voltage Module
Opt.744 8 Ground Bond Module
Opt.745 Master Module With GPIB & RS232 Interface for 7006
Opt.746 8 Withstand Voltage Module + Master Module with GPIB & RS232 Interface
Opt.747 8Ground Bond Module + Master Module with GPIB & RS232 Interface
1101 Hipot Test Lead, 1.5m.
1105 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1109 Hipot Output Link Lead, 1.5m.
1111 External Scanner Cable, 70cm.
1123 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1306 Hipot Test Probe, 1.5m Rod-type with Lead
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