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Medical Equipments Test Solution

To prevent the shock hazard of medical equipments to patients and operators, international organizations established several safety regulations for medical equipments tests. In IEC60601-1 on Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance, it states the requirements to perform leakage current tests of earth leakage current, enclosure leakage current patient leakage current and patient auxiliary. Additionally, the measurement bandwidth must be DC~1MHZ and should able to do AC, DC, and AC + DC current measurement to conform the strict requirement of electrical safety tests on medical products. Whenever you need to integrate these several safety test items for better efficiency of testing, you can choose to link with other EXTECH products to setup as an automated test system. EXTECH medical equipments test solution is also applicable to be used in laboratories and testing & inspection organizations, and significantly it is always designated and recommended by most safety agencies.