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7630 Touch Current Tester

7630 Touch Current Tester

Provided with many patented and innovative functions as well as high-powered load measurement capability suitable for all touch current tests; provided with oversized 320 x 240 Graphic LCD to display test voltage / touch current and test duration simultaneously; provided with integral automation interface such as network card, USB & RS-232, IEEE-488 (GPIB) and other interfaces to execute automation test; connected to EEC safety tester to serve as a test system with higher test efficiency.



  • The voltages on both ends of simulated human body impedance (MD) are displayed when touch current is being measured, conforming to the requirements prescribed in IEC 60990 regarding touch current.
  • Provided with touch current to measure AC/DC/AC+DC in conformity to the requirements prescribed in IEC 60601 regarding medical equipment.
  • Measuring bandwidth DC - 1MHz in conformity to the requirements prescribed in IEC 60990 regarding touch current.
  • Flexibly selecting MD leakage current flow-measurement-station (e.g.: IEC60065 U1&U2), conforming to safety standard requirements.
  • Provided with 7 sets of simulated body impedance (MD) and extended space for 1 additional set of MD, conforming to the requirements prescribed for many safety standards.
  • Capable to link with EEC safety tester to serve as a 6-in-1 (ACW/DCW/IR/GB/RUN/LLT) test system to shorten test duration.
  • MD is provided with BNC measuring-terminal to be connected to oscilloscope or voltmeter, allowing users to read voltage values and calibrate MD easily.
  • The power on detection will automatically confirm instrument normal output to ensure the reliability of the test.
  • Provided with calibration and advance alert setting, reminding users to calibrate instrument regularly for a consistent test quality.
  • During the test duration, the maximum leakage current (Imax) is stored in the test results in conformity to customers’ requirements for quality.
  • Measuring peak value up to 75mApeak / effective value 35mArms, conforming to the requirements prescribed for safety certification.


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7630 Touch Current Tester


Opt.731 GPIB Interface
Opt.752 Run Test Function
Opt.753 HV(3.5KVac/3.5KVdc) & GB(40A) Link Module
Opt.754 High Measurement Range 35mArms / 75mApeak & 4MDs
Opt.758 Ethernet Card
Opt.760 HV(5KVac/6.0KVdc) & GB(40A) Link Module w/o Safety Listed
Opt.761 Measuring Devices Voltage DIsplay
Opt.763 USB & RS232 PC Control Card
1101 Hipot Test Lead, 1.5m.
1105 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1109 Hipot Output Link Lead, 1.5m.
1111 External Scanner Cable, 70cm.
1123 Hipot Link Lead, 1.5m.
1148 DUT Power Cable 40A, 155cm.
1150 DUT Power Output Lead 40A, 3m.
1151 DUT Power Input Lead 40A, 3m.
1217 Hipot/Ground Bond Signal Control Link Cable (Gray), 40cm.
1219 Signal Control Link Cable, 70cm.
1306 Hipot Test Probe, 1.5m Rod-type with Lead
1505 Interlock Disable Key
1928 Remote Test / Reset Control Box, 3m.
1929 Remote Test / Reset Control Box (with LED Display), 3m.
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